Introducing the Clown Pirates

Capin’ FancypantsCapin' Fancypants

Growing up aboard your father’s ship is tough enough for the young man, especially one that is half clown, half pirate. When Capin’ Fancypants’s father passed, he assumed command of the Midway and the map to his hidden treasure. His clown appearance assured him that no pirate would take him serious, which left him no other choice but to find a new crew in his hometown on Big Top Island. Capin’ Fancypants lacks any since of humor, and only looks forward to retiring on a secluded beach with his treasure. 

Mr. JinglesMr. Jingles

First mate Mr. Jingles loves to assume authority and treat the crewmembers as his disposable victims for his personal amusement.  With his trusty balloon sword, Mr. Jingles is fearless in the face of danger and is always looking to be the center of adventure.  


While his size is intimidating, Corndog is the most friendly, soft-spoken, simple-minded clown you’ll ever meet. He follows Mr. Jingles around like a lost puppy snickering at all of his jokes like a teenage metal head. 

Uncle LouiUncle Loui

The wise old Uncle Loui is always trusted by Capin’ Fancypants and his crew, but seen by Mr. Jingles as the babbling old fart that he really is. Loui has an answer for everything, even if he just made it up and it will likely get you killed. 

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