The Adventures of Byron

Byron the MonsterMy buddy Chris Hamer (Urbnpop) recently hired me to color his upcoming self published comic book The Adventures of Byron. I had never colored a comic book before, but Chris felt that my Photoshop skills would allow him to focus on other aspects of the book in order to meet the deadline. I did my best to stay true to his personal style and I had a lot of fun getting into his work which I have admired for many years. This process has really got my gears turning. Keep an eye open for future updates as I start getting my hands dirty on my own comic soon. 

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Dragon Con Sept 1-4
Atlanta, GA

Wizard World Sept 8-10
Nashville, TN

Drawn & Disorderly Sept 16th
Atlanta, GA

Atl Comic Convention Oct 8
Atlanta, GA

Wizard World Oct 20-22
Montgomery, AL

Spooky Empire Oct 27-29
Orlando, FL

Days of the Dead Feb 2-4
Atlanta, GA

Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo Feb 24-25
Huntsville, AL

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